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My name is Bec Russell. I am a mum of 2 year old twins, who light up my life and drive me insane all at the same time. I have loved photography for as long as I can remember and have been a hoarder of photos for forever and a day.

I started my photography journey when I was old enough to pick up a camera. I loved the way I could capture a moment and look back at it whenever I wanted to. I loved how the photo preserved my memory of that moment in time. I became addicted to taking photos quickly and had a camera with me wherever I went. I photographed my friends at school, sports events, parties, my pets- whatever was around me. I loved how people acted silly and laughed when I pointed the camera at them. I loved how these memories made people happy to look back on.

I spent my years constantly updating the cheap cameras I had.. I always needed more megapixels, more zoom, better quality, more features, more compact cameras. I always wanted more, I always wanted the best camera I could get my hands on. I spent all the rest of my money developing films and eventually printing my digital files. Every. single. one I took.

In recent years- 2011- I bought my very first Digital SLR camera and decided that i wanted to study a basic photography course to learn how to use my new camera properly. After I completed my first course and produced some really nice images with it, I was more addicted than ever and had to enrol for the next course. I met one of my best friends in this course- he became my most inspiring mentor on my photography journey, without even realising it. We studied together, we inspired each other, we laughed and loved our passion as fiercely as each other.

I completed this course and continued to enrol in the next one. I won 6 awards at the end of year with the photos I had submitted for my portfolio. It gave me a new confidence in myself and drove me to learn more. To be better- the best I could be.

Then I fell pregnant- with twins. This had a HUGE impact on me. I wasn't ready for this- and the thought of having TWO babies at once?! I lost myself for a few months as I struggled to accept the fact that I was going to be a mum of twins. I didn't touch my camera much as my head was flooded in stress and fear.
Then one day I told myself that this was happening and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. So I dusted myself off, got used to the idea and picked up my camera again. Not for long though as we decided to move interstate at 6 months pregnant- I gave birth the day we arrived in QLD. My bubs came at 28 weeks. This was a whole new world of stress and fear for me and i spent all of my time for the next two months, in hospital with my babies, nursing them to health and to become strong enough to come home with me. Another experience that my camera got me through. Every day I took photos of their progress, of their tiny little features, of the tubes coming out of them, of their surroundings. I took photos and documented our whole journey. Now I look back at those photos in awe that we all got though it together, and how strong we all were and how precious and fragile they once were. Without my photos I would have forgotten the small details, they would have been swallowed up in the new details and my busy new life. My photos helped me get through an extremely hard journey and showed me how well I came out the other end of it.

When I settled into mum life eventually, I decided that I wanted a professional grade camera and to turn my love and passion into a career. So my ever so supporting husband agreed, as always, to set me up with all the gear that I felt I needed to help me to be the best I could be.
Now I have spent that past 2 years studying, researching, practicing, upgrading, collecting, learning and networking. I never stop these days. I live and breathe photography in any spare time that I get from my kids. I go to workshops and meet ups with other photographers to meet and learn from them. I have met some amazing people and am lucky enough to have formed another super special bond with someone who shares the same love and passion as me.

Now I'm ready to create memories for other families. To document milestones and lives for families to smile at and to treasure. Nothing makes me happier than to create precious, lasting memories for people- because we all know how fast life passes us by- and in the end, photos may be all we have to remember by one day.

I truly look forward to meeting you and watching your family grow as I capture all of the precious milestones of your quickly growing baby <3

Bec x