Thank you so much for choosing Bec Russell Photography to photograph your family's memories!

There's nothing we love more than creating heart warming memories of you and your family together that you can treasure for a lifetime!

Bec Russell Photography does outdoor 'lifestyle' family photo shoots that capture your family in their true form. We love to have families interacting and playing together instead of having posed photos for the whole shoot. Of course we will do some posed style photos also, but we do like to focus on the 'moments' more than anything else!

These sessions can be done at any outdoor location of your choice, or we can work together to find a place that suits your family perfectly. I can also recommend some great locations to!

Bec will typically photograph family sessions during the 'Golden hours' around sunset and sunrise, to give your images beautiful soft colours, and a sundrenched back drop.

CONTACT US on 0457615851 to schedule your Family photoshoot today!

Tips for clothes styling for your session

1. Co ordinate colours – Don’t Match colours. It’s not quiet as nice when everyone in the photo is matching (white shirts and all matching). This is dated and can look a little un-interesting in photos. Instead, pick a colour scheme and choose clothes that will fit this colour scheme and blend together.

2. Look at your home décor. Do you like bright colours? Neutrals? These photos will be hanging on your walls when they are done, so make sure the colour scheme you choose for your clothes, matches the colour scheme of your home!

3. Don’t be afraid of accessories!! Accessories add interest to your outfit and can make it a little more fun to. Have the man wear a tie for woman to hold, Necklaces on mum for little kids to play with, or hats to hide behind etc.

4. Limit Patterns on clothing. Clothing with harsh patterns can be very distracting in an image, so limit the patterns in the shoot so that only one or two people in the shoot have any patterns on their outfit.

5. Plan Ahead. Once you book your session in with me, start thinking about clothing straight away! If you wait till the day before, it can be really stressful realizing that clothes don’t fit properly anymore/ there’s a stain on THAT dress/ the kids don’t co ordinate etc.

6. NO characters! I know that your child probably loves his Thomas the tank engine shirt, or your daughter loves her Frozen outfit… But please don’t let them wear these to your photo shoot! Characters, and even logos, are VERY distracting in photos and you will regret letting them wear it as soon as you see the photos.

7. Textures are your friend. Cotton shirts look great, but in photographs, adding textures really helps at contrast and interest to the image. So add knits, scarves, belts, jewellery, ruffles etc. Don’t be afraid of textured clothing!

8. Consider your background. If you are having photos taken in front of a backdrop, consider the colours you choose. Don’t choose a white T-shirt if you are having photos taken in front of a white backdrop.

9.Think classic. These photos will be hanging on your walls and treasured for years to come. By putting the thought into your clothing choices and choosing something ‘classic’ that you won’t hate in 5 years time, it will help give your images a timeless feel.

Family Photography packages start from only $400.

Please Contact Us for more information on Packages and Prices.

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