Maternity Photography Sessions

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Thank you for choosing Bec Russell Photography to photograph your memories at this exciting time, as you are growing and brand new baby and preparing to become a family.

Maternity Photography sessions can be done with Bec at any outdoor location, in Newcastle, of your choosing, or somewhere that we can recommend if you would prefer.

Bec Russell Photography typically does 'Golden hour' Maternity shoots, that take advantage of the beautiful golden light that is thrown across landscapes at sunset and sunrise.

A Maternity Photography Session will generally take around 1 hour to photograph.

We have a small selection of Maternity gowns available for you to use during sessions, if you wish.

CONTACT US on 0457615851 to schedule your Maternity Photography Session today.

When is the best time to have a maternity shoot done?

The ideal time to have a maternity session done is between 34-38 weeks when your beautiful pregnancy glow compliments the beautiful curves your pregnant belly.

It can also be done later if necessary- up to 40 weeks, just before you give birth if you wish!

It is not recommend to have it done any earlier than 33 weeks, as you will not be full grown and fully glowing yet, so may be disappointment that you didn't wait.

What to wear to your Maternity Photography Session

Feel free to bring several clothing options with you to get a few different looks!

I recommend Wearing a maternity gown if you can! I do have a limited amount that you can use! Otherwise if you don't choose to wear a maternity gown, then please no big distracting prints, patterns or logos. Neutral and pastel colours always blend nicely during the 'golden hour' of sunset and sunrise. Solid, bold colours like Blue or Orange can look great too!

You could bring a fitted shirt or singlet, or cardigan to frame your belly. A lovely bra/ crop top/ Tube top with a sarong or skirt that hangs nicely under your belly. A Lovely flowy dress that can be pulled around your belly and give a trail behind you.

You can also bring any gorgeous scarves, jewellery or accessories that you would like to use.

Please avoid wearing any tight or restricting clothes prior to the shoot, so that you aren't left with any red marks or lines on your skin.

Maternity photography packages with Bec Russell Photography start from just $295.


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